Thursday, June 14, 2012


So sorry geese, you may not have been the culprits that nibbled off my purple flower top and lily buds. Others folks have come forth, and pointed fingers at different possible garden intruders. Rabbits. Squirrels. Ground hogs. True, all these furry friends come near the garden patches, and I have no evidence of the guilty parties. I based my guess on the long, slender necks of the Canada Geese, whose beaks were the exact right height to bite off a morsel or two. Today the little goslings pecked away at the debris that had washed out from our gutter tube. After the rain, there were clumps of seeds. Elm seeds, yum. This year I planned to buy a tomato plant for the deck, but when I checked to see if the leaves and stems were poisonous, the answer was yes. Our cat hangs out on the deck. Silly cat, she’s prone to chewing on floral leaves, petals etc., so looks like I will buy my home grown tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market this year. 

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