Friday, November 8, 2013

What a treat for an author to get an invitation to sit down with 10 people who love your book,
laugh and ponder its meanings and ask you thoughtful questions. One reader said she gave daily bulletins to her family about what was happening in the plot. What impressed me was that the
group really understood the deeper meanings and philosophy that I was trying to convey in my  quirky, easy to read novel. Well, one guy was a retired psychologist, but others were just as perceptive. On a rainy night this week I went to that special kind of book club meeting. Many,
many months ago, someone from the group heard my Bookworm reading of POWERBALL 33
and recommended it for the club's November reading. Afterward, one member told me she
planned to suggest the novel to her other book club. I know most of us, including me, want immediate response to our work, but this surprise late invitation was an eye opener and a
reminder that once written, our words are available to readers as long as the paper - or download exists..  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

   As I look out my office window this dreary November morning, I'm greeted by turkeys. I count. A flock of 19 wild turkeys. Males with wing spreads strut. Sleek females group together. Slow. Slow they move through the grass. And then they are gone. Were they a mirage with Thanksgiving looming? No, a turkey or 2 often trots through our backyard bordering a pond. But this was drumstick galore. And I'm smiling.