Sunday, April 28, 2013

FROM THE OMAHA WORLD HERALD PHOTO ARCHIVE, which they are digitizing. Bob discovered this photo in the online Herald yesterday. It's from 1968. I'd written a script for Aksarben starring Rex Allen, and I was working the shot board in the big arena that November day in 1968. My daughter Valerie noted she'd been born that year in August. Obviously, I'd recovered enough from new babe to have my hair done and wore my big round owl glasses. My kids thought I looked cool, so that was fun.

Friday, April 26, 2013

THE HEADING FOR MY LAST POST SHOULD READ "BONE CREEK" and I should learn not to be in such a hurry and to proof.
Back from a trip to a special museum in David City, NE with two delightful companions: Kira Gale, owner River Junction Press LLC and Agnes Clark, in charge of Our Book Store in the Old Market Passageway in Omaha, NE. David City is over an hour from Omaha, so we traveled the highway past rolling hills and through small towns to find the jewel called Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art. Our tour leader, Anna Nolan, originator of the museum with her husband, Allen Covault, answered our questions and let us wander through the current exhibitions, soaking in the color/line/texture of the many talented artists. "Birds Love Spring" emphasized the Sand Hills Cranes and "Wild and Tangled: Foliage of the Plains" has a title that gives its own explanation. In the next door gallery, Michael Wilson's show " Barn as Chapel" glowed with light and shadow and we gravitated to several favorites. David City is the hometown of rural landscape painter Dale Nichols, who worked at the time of Regionalism artists Grant Woods, Thomas Hart Benson, and John Steuart Curry. Two of Nichols' works were on display, in tribute to the American farm and all it stands for. With Anna our leader, we toured a once-church now exhibiting artwork, a charming little old house with walls and walls of scenic art, and a home with a personal art collection. It was a perfect spring day filled with landscape and friendship.