Saturday, September 1, 2012

THE CREATIVE SPIRIT Creativity is a way of varying the patterns of life. Studies show it relieves stress, stimulates the brain, and may even delay the progression of Alzheimers Disease. Art, writing, music, all contribute to well being, beside being fun and relaxing. Or if you're an artist, author, or composer perhaps it seems frustrating and bewildering, until the song or poem is written,or the painting finished. But I'm thinking more of ways to vary life in easy ways. We like to cook at our house and there's always some new and crazy ways to attempt fixing the standard fare. Bob tried to boil popcorn once. I knew that wouldn't work. Gardening, yoga, crossword puzzles, dancing, birdhouse repair, all qualify as creative endeavors, because a person can be creative about anything. Exception: best not to be too creative when preparing one's taxes or during various delicate projects, working with explosives comes to mind. I resort to the ceativity of simple things. Sitting in a different chair to read. Driving or walking a different route. Talking to a new person. Trying different things or different ways shakes up the brain cells and means one is not living life by rote. So now, I'll resume writing my new novel, while humming a different tune and doodling images while I reconfigure the plot. Later I'll dance up to the kitchen to pick an herb from the garden before inventing a new sandwich. I'll let Bob fix the birdhouse, while I assume a yoga pose to finish the crossword. Wish me luck.