Friday, June 15, 2012

   The geese are still here. Guess they've been hiding in the rain. I don't know who Critter Control sought out and took away. Hmmm, haven't seen the turkeys lately. I do like to keep track of the critters that wander across the back yard. Bob saw a mink last night, but I missed it. Last year neighbors said mink lived in a connected pond, but I wasn't sure they were still around.
    Everytime I get out of the car in the garage I see the box of little jam jars reminding me of my once aspirations. The jars have been there for a couple years, since I did intend to can some tidbit or other. Yesterday, in the spirit of cleaning up garage shelves, I brought them inside and looked up recipes. Ended up doing freezer strawberry jam, since it sounded easier than canning and lasts one year in the freezer. I sold my canning gear in a garage sale a couple years ago, so I'd planned to can in my tamale pot, but was uncertain if that would work. I found "no sugar" jam recipes available and I ended up with 9 little jars to keep and give away to family and friends. The jam was tarter than usual, a taste I appreciated, since I do not like super sweet things. Now, what to do with the rest of the junk (or valuables, depending on one's frame of mine) that rests on my side of the garage.   

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