Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looks like my blogging goose stories are finished. Yesterday, I saw a yellow Critter Control truck arrive on the lakefront road. I wondered what animal had offended. Yesterday afternoon, I watched for the Canada Geese family to arrive outside our home, birds shuffling through the grass, pecking about for bugs, then collapsing into feather heaps along the banks. The three babies had grown out of their fuzzy yellow fluff, but not yet found their colors. I was anticipating watching them mature. But no geese spotted today.
   I know several residents do not like them, and may have complained, yet I enjoy seeing the majestic water fowl outside my window as I write. So I am sad and lonely today because my companions have probably been removed. I did not even get to say goodbye. Unless the birds happen to read my blog. In that case, fare thee well, beautiful winged creatues.
   I was told that sometimes the geese are taken to a reserve, but I wonder if it's like the words I heard as a child. "We took the pet (dog) (cat) to the farm." I never had the courage to ask any further questions. And I find myself in the same spot this afternoon. I'll hold them in my memory.  

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