Sunday, June 3, 2012

A blog about writing, nature, cooking, an occasional philosophical bent &/or random thoughts. Since my mind leaps about like a hooked fish, I need a large menu of topics to jolt my thoughts.

   It did take a while, but I’m finally jumping in the darn, bloggin’ ocean. Brrr and shivers. By way of introduction, I’m an author, published traditionally in several anthologies, also have POD’s, and an ebook just barely out. Won some writing awards for two nature books. Made very little money. Isn’t that the way with so many of us? Do we quit? No, we do not. Enough of that.

When I’m asked why I write, I find many reasons, and for some of us lucky ones,, writing is a kind of healing.

It waits there, something white and blank, always open to me no matter what I choose to reveal or unburden or imagine. There is no judgment. Writing absorbs my efforts to face life events that whip around the corner and push me down, sometimes flattening me with unwanted surprises. And once the words are there for me to re-read and study, then understanding begins to find a way. Through phrases, sentences and paragraphs, the page pitches my thoughts back at me and if I don’t duck, it is a beginning.

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