Friday, October 12, 2012

BIRDS FLY IN. BIRDS FLY OUT. A flurry of activity caught my attention in the backyard. Then I noticed that in the morning and late afternoon, the robins meet around our home, to visit the hackberry tree outside our deck. The branches overflow with orange berries. From all directions, the robins come to wait their turn. And that is the way it seems. A handful zoom into the tree, settle into a spot to taste berries, then leave and wait on the elm branches near by. A new group flies from the elm trees to peck away at the obviously delicious fruit, then departs to wait for another turn. It seems like such a polite system of taking turns. Online I found a recipe for hackberry jam, although it looked complicated and messy and why not leave this attractive treat to the busy robins? And I have only seen robins attracted to the fare offered by this tree. If I get the courage, I might try a bite of hackberry berry. We'll see.

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