Thursday, October 4, 2012

COMING BACK. Life took me away from writing for a while. My husband had some health issues, which occurred during the week of our family reunion and my birthday celebration. Now he's better and things have settled down. I like a quiet life without ER ambulances driving up to the house. It makes a person grateful, though once the worry and action is in the past. The calendar brought two events that cheered me up. One was reading my poems and free verse from "Cowboys & Wild, Wild Things", on the Century Link stage before the River City Roundup Rodeo. The wonderful part was the guitar background played by my grandson, Noah Sterba (he of one folk band and a couple rock bands). Having the music chords floating by made my part seem so much better. A grandma at a gig with her grandson. That's a memorable event The next day, I read from the book at The Bookworm, Omaha's only bookstore that encourages local authors, as far as I know. Seeing familiar faces made that a treat too. So the days have had the good balance bad. Family was here when Bob was whisked away to the hospital and the tests came back ok. I had a fantastic birthday dinner. I shared my writing with others and caught up with old friends. It's time to begin writing again.

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