Monday, October 8, 2012

HARD FREEZE. 26 degrees here in Omaha, NE. last night. Our neighbors covered their vining, pink flowers, but that didn't offer enough warmth to keep the blossoms going. NOw they droop in the sunlight. Bob sits in the living room, having coffee, while I sip my blueberry tea alongside him. Our 3 panel window looks out on the huge elms and assorted trees, still mostly green with hints of yellow. The sunlight dapples the scene. Then I see a leaf fall. Followed by another one. As I watch, none of them fall together. Just one by one, like notes, coming from different trees. They make a kind of silent music. And Bob and I are mesmerized by the rhythm of the falling leaves. Here. There. Quick. Quick. Slow. It's a lovely sight. As the morning warms, the leaf music stops.But we are happy to have seen mature's crisp morning song.

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