Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally, my quirky novel POWERBALL 33 has been released on Amazon, 318 pages, both in print and ebook. Playfully serious, POWRBALL is the offbeat story of Ed Frink, a young handyman, who wins the $200,000,000 lottery. A nice guy, he loves the countryside and his work, keeps the poetry he writes in his toolbox, and is totally unprepared for the havoc that erupts in his small town. Odd relatives , thugs from Vegas, a mysterious bomber, and designing women like Estelle Chante and Chickie Frickasee  show up to yank Ed along on a crazy ride through sudden wealth. Money can fix lots of things, but can it help a friend with an abusive husband, or cure the woes of alcohol?  In an off kilter way, POWERBALL 33 tackles the meaning of money, life with it and life without it.
I sighed through the excitement when my box of copies arrived yesterday.  As a writer, a different kind of journey  now begins,  traveling through the land of readers, as I wave high my completed novel  for any and all to see and wish to read.        

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