Thursday, January 3, 2013

HERE A REPORT ABOUT THE VALUE OF AUTHORS SEEING CORRECTLY. While promoting my novel POWERBALL 33, I've been requested in certain instances to give the Amazon assigned ASIN number. The other day, an automatic message replied that my book using my given ASIN was not found in Amazon's database. Btw, my number is B00A02O5AO. I went online to get some forum help and found an answer that said Amazon uses zer...o's, and I'd probably used capital O's. I re-sent several emails, but one bounced back, no record. Since it was the New Year's holiday, I couldn't call to find out more. I emailed +Victorine Lieske, a NE Writers' Guild member, a whiz who is helpful to all. She quickly discovered that some are zeros and others are capital O's. I'd spent about 2 days fiddling with it. In small type, they seemed the same, but looking carefully, some were rounder than others. OK, pay attention.

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