Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FREE DAYS TO DOWNLOAD POWERBALL 33. Today, Wed 1/23, Th 1/24, Fri 1/25.
Enjoy. Here's what some readers say: 

What would you do if you won the lottery? Connie Spittler poses that question for her young poet/handyman, Ed Frink. Although he likes the things he's got--his rusty old pickup, his cabin, his comfy old furniture--he is soon overwhelmed by long lost relations, designing women, a couple of Las Vegas mobsters, and his two best friends' extravagant ideas. POWERBALL 33 becomes a laugh out loud struggle to regain the comfort of a simple life in the face of his new wealth. A great story about what's really important in life.  F. Colburn, Nebraska
 A great read, filled with memorable characters! I loved the subplots. The ending was raucous romp just like in the movies. J. Mann, Nebraska

A tale well told. It is difficult to put this book down while Ed's adventure is still unfolding. L. T. Fitzgerald, Nebraska

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