Friday, January 18, 2013

FREE. FREE. FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD coming soon through Amazon Kindle. I will offering 3 free days to download my novel POWERBALL 33. Wed 1/23, Th 1/24 and Fri 1/25. Hope you download and read, or heck, just download it. If you enjoy the book, I'd love to know. Connie
                                                        What Readers Are Saying
Powerball 33. A great book, well done and thought provoking for our current times with Powerball winnings. What would a person do with those funds? It really explored the "greed" part of personalities...and the wholesome goodness of others. Mary McCarthy, Florida
Powerball 33 - A delicious book that had me smiling, laughing and crying all at the same time! It’s a finely woven tapestry that would make a delightful film. Craftily woven characters names you chose add the most delightful tiny jokes at times, making the reader feel you are at our elbow saying, “Did you get that one?” Makes me want to climb in my car and take off to find Ed and...well, I don’t want to add more and spoil the ending! Bobbie Guillory, Arizona
What do a handyman, an excon, two Vegas thugs, a violent drunk, a purveyor of unusual instruments, an abused grocery store stocker, and a stripper have in common? A lottery ticket that jumbles all of their lives together in a fun, quirky with a capital Q tale. The author keeps you guessing as the various characters maneuver in and around Ed, the big lottery winner. A fun read! And made me think twice about winning the lottery ;-) Les Moore, California
What would you do if you won the lottery? Connie Spittler poses that question for her young handyman, Ed Frink, who has never in his life had an extra dime to spend. Although Ed kind of likes the things he's got--his rusty old pickup, his windowless cabin, his ratty old furniture--he is soon overwhelmed by long lost relations, designing women, a couple of Las Vegas mobsters, and his two best friends' extravagant ideas about where he should spend his money. A generous soul, Frink flounders through his first weeks as a multi-millionaire, allowing an entire cast of characters to bamboozle him. POWERBALL 33 becomes a laugh out loud struggle to regain that comfort in the face of his new wealth. A great story about what's really important in life. Faith Colburn, Nebraska
It was a great read, filled with memorable characters! I loved the subplots - can't believe who scammed Ed. The ending was raucous romp just like in the movies. J. Mann, Nebraska
A tale well told. It is difficult to put this book down while Ed's adventure is still unfolding. Powerball 33 I enjoyed it very much. Larry T. Fitzgerald, Nebraska
A fun read from start to finish, filled with great characters that are so easy to picture it reads like a movie in your head. Time well spent! D. Killips, Nebraska
Hope you download and read, or heck, just download it. If you enjoy the book, I'd love to know. Connie  

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