Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ONE ELF LIVES. For a long time, our calico cat, Marbles, sat staring out the lower level family room window. Another bed of hostas rests even with the window sill. Bob finally went over to see what vision had mesmerized the cat and saw one of the little bunny elves snuggled up in the shade. Now the cat waits expectantly every morning for his companion. It doesn't look like the bunny has grown much. Maybe he's existing on hosta leaves. We've seen no mature parent rabbit hopping about.
   I am captive to the Tour de France this July, as I've been for the last ten years. I call it my yearly vacation to the mountains, beaches and fields of sunflowers. The biggest reason, in additon to the fine scenery, is that the European announcers, Phil Ligett and Paul Sherman, give the history of castles, cathedrals and other points of interest along the way: French Mountain Ponies prancing beside the cyclists, the saltworks, cheese factories, wineries. They also comment on the race. It's a 3 week visit that I look forward to it each year, so I'm now immersed in the rolling wheels and crashes of the tour. .

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