Monday, July 23, 2012

With the photo. I was going for a small postage stamp, to the side, but that skill will come later evidently. So hope all will imagine the cover under my face and in a polite size.
   In nature news, a Blue Heron stopped by our bank yesterday, or so I've heard. He's on our pond, visits next door in the afternoons, and has for 20 years so I'll be on the lookout. I've never spotted him.
   I'd intended this blog to be about recipes that haven't turned out, but was distracted when our neighbor phoned to tell me about the bird. I rushed outside, but he'd flown away. Back to food.
  Ever so often, I make an old favorite and it's a disaster. Yesterday, the family came over and I made an old favorite, cucumber sandwiches. The simplest recipe. Roll white bread slice thin, add thin covering of mayo to one side, cream cheese to the other, cucumbers on top, onion salt, that's it. How could that go wrong? The bread was very fresh and rolled down to a thin height. I made the sandwiches ahead and wrapped in sandwich bags. I used whipped cream cheese. The result: a soggy mess that everyone politely ate, but I was sad. A family tradition ruined. Will I try again? I suppose so after an embarrasing interlude goes by. Send any other hints.

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