Thursday, December 17, 2015

The quick brown Fox

The Quick Brown Fox
A fox visits us this year. As Bob watches TV late in the evening, he's spotted the scurrying fox several times. trotting along the frosty grasslands or edge of the pond. It's always an unexpected event, too quick for a precise click of Bob's camera. I haven't seen the wild urban creature yet, since I'm in bed during his prowling hours. Still, imagining his billowing tail flying by in the dark add a magical flurry to the winter night. Commonly characterized as sly,wily, and mysterious, the fox is viewed differently in Japan mythology, where symbols of longevity and protection against evil are found.Some Northern Native American tribes thought of the fox as a wise, noble messenger and in certain Celtic realms, the fox is considered a guide and honored for its wisdom. As our dancing, prancing fox moves in and out of focus and time, I think of the surprising people, pets, events and moments that visit our lives. ... intriguing ... illusive. They come and go, with reminders to be grateful for unexpected things that happen along the way, fleeting or lingering.

This season, my message comes from the fox, a wish for wisdom, longevity, and beauitiful surprises. Do keep a look out. You never know who you'll meet or what you'll seee. I intend to.

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