Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Looking out my writing window.
In my bio, to seem like an interesting writer to readers, I say that Bob and I live next to a secret pond in Omaha, NE, visited by mink, fox, grebes, a Great Blue Heron and other lurking wildlife. I thought perhaps it was time to show blog, face book visitors and readers that my magical window was real and not a figment of an imaginative mind. Called secret because not too many know about this unusual city neighborhood, we found it only because our daughter is a real estate agent. There's a handful of townhouses and three single dwellings built around four interconnected ponds. If I look over my left shoulder, I see the view above. In the future, I'll post other shots of wildlife as they stroll by. Previously I wrote two photographically illustrated nature books, so this was the perfect place to be. In Tucson, we left a house set between two washes that functioned as roadways for all kinds of desert wildlife. I was worried the move from AZ to NE would take me away from nature, but looking out inspires me to write any and everything, including a quirky mystery.    

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