Thursday, February 7, 2013

LINCOLN & THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS, ONE NOVEMBER is the name of the creative non-fiction story I've posted on Amazon, in time for Lincoln's birthday. When I researched the events in Lincoln's and our country's life during this particular time, it became a tumultuous series of happenings that throbbed with family and politics, an example of truth more dramatic than fiction. I think of the humble penny and offer it for 99 cents.


  1. What an appropriate time for this. A wonderful man.

  2. When the movie, "Lincoln" came out, I was disappointed that the movie only tells about a short time period during the civil war. I wanted to know much more about Lincoln's life:)I write fiction and it amazes me the effort people put into research to write non fiction. I enjoy it very much!

  3. I have not seen the movie yet, so it is good tp get insights from others points of view and I will look into the Words Fly By. "Lincoln was a true icon for America"
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