Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A DEBUT OF SORTS. About Computers, remembering our first one. It was years and years ago when Bob brought home a Radio Shack box and a special desk to set up in our sun room. He poked around on it, learned its habits, taught me and then the kids how to compute. I was reluctant to use it for creative writing and couldn't believe it would make my life any easier. But I relented and tried to think and write on the TRS-80. Didn't do well. Then, I typed a script I'd already written into the computer and printed it out. Wow. I saw how easily I could make changes, how quickly paragraphs could be moved around, how copies could chug out in great numbers. It didn't take long to convince me and I've never looked back. These days, if my computer has a problem, it's like a friend of the family is ill. I pace the floor waiting for computer good health to be resumed. But now I'm back learning about social media. I admit I'm creeping slowly into the game. Started a blog, but didn't tell anyone until I was comfortable. Guess I'm ready to debut.

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